Product Update - Heron Island Going Solar | Southern Great Barrier Reef

Product Update - Heron Island Going Solar

Product Update - Heron Island Going Solar

First stage of Solar Power completed on Heron Island

As part of our action against climate change, Heron Island Resort recently installed 118kW of Solar PV via a sophisticated Diesel Hybrid Controller to offset daytime loads and reduce demand on the diesel gensets. The technology was pioneered about 10 years ago and has recently matured to the point where it was viable to install at Heron. This exciting first stage has also seen the installation of data acquisition equipment, essential to collect the high-resolution data needed to design the following stages, aimed at either reducing diesel usage even further or relegating it to backup use only.

24 High Efficiency “Air to Energy” Hot water systems were also installed, reducing loads by approximately 40 - 60kWh/Day and reducing the amount of LP gas used.

Heron Island Resort is a Green Travel Leader with Advanced Eco Accreditation and is currently completing Climate Action Accreditation as a priority.

Heron Island is a protected wildlife habitat, famous around the world for its spectacular coral reef on the island’s water edge, home to a variety of aquatic life, migrating whales, nesting turtles, rays and abundant bird life. Located on the Southern end of the Great Barrier Reef, 72 kms NE off the coast from Gladstone, Queensland the island is regularly serviced by Qantas and Virgin Australia Airlines. Heron Island is exclusive for overnight guests only (no day-trippers) with no mobile phone reception or Wi-Fi taking guests back to nature. Accommodation includes 112 rooms only. The University of Queensland stations the Southern Hemisphere’s largest island-based wildlife research station on Heron Island, utilised by over 60 institutions, domestic and international. Access options to Heron from Gladstone include an educational two-hour ferry ride to reach the Great Barrier Reef location, (operational daily except Tues & Thurs) or daily Helicopter services ex Gladstone.

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