National Experience Content Initiative (NECI) | Southern Great Barrier Reef

National Experience Content Initiative (NECI)

Over the past few months, many Southern Great Barrier Reef operators have been taking part in a massive content creation project funded by Tourism Australia.

The $10 million dollar initiative will provide a suite of new imagery and footage for over 1500 tourism experiences from 57 regions across Australia, ensuring that the operators marketing materials are up to date and enticing, appealing to more domestic and international travellers.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many tourism businesses have had to reduce their marketing budgets significantly. However, visual imagery is one of the most important factors when consumers are researching, planning, or booking travel online.

Online listings with high quality photos and video stand out in search results and get booked more often. It is vital to the future of brand Australia that we emerge from the COVID-19 crisis with marketing assets of product, Australia wide, that is strong, contemporary and relevant to the post COVID-19 consumer.

This project is designed to support tourism businesses by capturing high quality imagery and footage that showcases the best tourism experiences on offer from around Australia, and to bring these to life for consumers and trade.

We look forward to sharing the new content with you in the near future!

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