Product Update - Snakes Down Under | Southern Great Barrier Reef

Product Update - Snakes Down Under

Snakes Down Under Reptile Park & Zoo to the rescue

The staff at the family owned and operated "boutique" zoo set just 500 m off the Bruce H'way, in Childers have been busy over lock down looking after their new arrivals.

Rescued Lumholtz’s tree kangaroo, Matty, arrived from the Atherton Tablelands in February. Matty is visually impaired so cannot be released. He’ll eventually be part of a captive breeding program.

The well travelled young Komodo dragon, Naga, arrived from Prague Zoo after a 90 day quarantine period in Adelaide Zoo in March, the day after we closed for the COVID lockdown.

Five critically endangered radiated tortoises arrived in June after being intercepted by customs officers in Hongkong on root to China.

Contact: Ian Jenkins, Owner

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