SGBR on sale to the world - Australian Tourism Exchange 2022 | Southern Great Barrier Reef

SGBR on sale to the world - Australian Tourism Exchange 2022

The Southern Great Barrier Reef continues to go from strength to strength this year, with a number of top operators represented at the nation's top tourism trade event, the Australian Tourism Exchange.

Our team is so glad to have had the opportunity to speak with many of you and hear that the SGBR remains high on the wish list for your clients.

The Australian Tourism Exchange live event, which took place from 15 - 18 May in Sydney, welcomed 1,100 international buyers and sellers from across 20 countries.

The Southern Great Barrier Reef was represented by nine operators, together with Regional Tourism Organisation representatives in a hectic 2.5 day schedule of market briefings and appointments with some of the top international tourism wholesalers and retailers.

The SGBR collective consisted of Lena Mannerstrale from Capricorn Enterprise, Nicola Scurr from GAPDL, Loni Hammond and Ellie Tonkin from Bundaberg Tourism, along with the following operators:

From 24-26 May, those unable to travel to Australia for the face-to-face event had the opportunity to connect online.

After two years of travel restrictions, the Southern Great Barrier Reef destination is thrilled to reignite international relationships both in person and online.

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