New Product - Australia Whale Experience | Southern Great Barrier Reef

New Product - Australia Whale Experience

Lady Musgrave Experience has added another world-class experience to its list of products being offered to showcase our amazing Southern Great Barrier Reef.

Brett Lakey, owner-operator of Lady Musgrave Experience says, “Every year we are blessed with youthful, energetic juvenile whales’ extraordinary playfulness, breeching, and frolicking together. We are uniquely placed to capture the whole whale family interacting; it is what makes Bundaberg unique.”

Brett Lakey, whose Lady Musgrave Experience day trip takes snorkelers and divers to the Lady Musgrave Lagoon Reef, decided he wanted to extend the experience of reef encounters for people and developed this exciting new half-day Whale Watching experience.

Departing Bundaberg during the whale watching season, July until early October, you can get up close and personal with migrating Humpback Whales off the Queensland coast.

“Imagine being awed as one of the largest creatures in the ocean launches its body into the sky, before crashing gracefully back into the water and then popping up just meters away from you to say a curious hello.” Brett Lakey says.

Humpback whales are creatures that undertake one of the longest migrations in the animal kingdom, all the way from Antarctica to the tropics. The Great Barrier Reef is right on their migration route and is a popular stopping and resting point for these incredible creatures.

“The experience of seeing a humpback whale up close is really like no other, and our crew will do our absolute best to ensure you leave with unforgettable memories of your encounters.”

We are an environmentally responsible operator, following all rules and guidelines for a safe and enjoyable experience while posing no harm to these incredible creatures. We’re proud to say we have been recognized with Advanced Ecotourism Certificate from Ecotourism Australia, so you can rest assured that you’re with a credible, environmentally friendly operator.

Whales are wild animals, and our staff makes every effort to make each tour an exciting and memorable one. Although we cannot control the movements or behavior of these beautiful wild creatures, we have had a 100% success rate on all of our Whale Watching tours.

Travel in absolute comfort onboard our air-conditioned 27-meter luxury catamaran, Main Event. Its state-of-the-art facilities offer 360-degree viewing platform outside and luxury within.

Australia Whales Experience is truly the most extraordinary Whale Watching encounter of a lifetime.

Contact: Leslie Miles

Marketing Manager


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