Product Update - Pumpkin Island | Southern Great Barrier Reef

Product Update - Pumpkin Island

Pumpkin Island offsets 150% of carbon emissions for 2019

Pumpkin Island – Total Greenhouse Gas Emissions – offsetting 63.68 tonnes + 50% = 95.52 tonnes of GHG emissions – Beyond Carbon Neutral Destination

The team at Pumpkin Island have just completed their annual audit of greenhouse gas emissions for 2019 through Carbon Neutral and have offset 150% of their annual emissions for the 2019 calendar year. Pumpkin Island became Australia’s first carbon neutral island in 2011 and was also recently selected as the QLD Government’s Tourism Climate Heroes in 2018. The Pumpkin Island team remain fully committed to reducing the impact of its activities, services and products on the environment as much as possible.

After calculating the carbon footprint through Carbon Neutral, 150% of the Carbon Emissions are offset each calendar year with carbon credits purchased and surrendered through selected Gold Standard projects. For the second year in a row the team have selected to invest in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity project, Australia’s first Gold Standard project and the largest revegetation project based on carbon capture and biodiversity.

*Every project certified by The Gold Standard must monitor, report and verify carbon savings and sustainable development benefits for local communities. More information here.

Watch the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor – bringing it to life what is being achieved through carbon offset projects.

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