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Discover the North Burnett Region

The North Burnett Region... Most of us have heard of it, but just where is it, and what's there to see and do?

We'll start with the 'where' first up. It's in Queensland, about 100k's SSW from Bundaberg, or about 300k's North of Brisbane. Ok, that will get you to Biggenden, one of the major centres in the North Burnett region. The others are Gayndah, Mundubbera, Eidsvold and Monto to name just a few.

Now to the exciting bit, the 'see and do'. As with anything in this day and age, it all comes down to time. A highlights trip of the region could be done in around five days, but to really soak it all up you're going to need a lot longer.

The region has a lot to offer, and a lot to offer a broad spectrum of visitors. There's hiking, 4WDriving, birdwatching, photography, fishing, water sports, history and Art Deco architecture just to get the ball rolling. There's even reports of a bunyip in the region!

So, here's my highlights reel from the North Burnett:

Utopia Falls

  • beautiful drive through rich farming lands
  • get some dirt under the tyres
  • short walk from the carpark, suitable for any level of fitness
  • walk is through lovely eucalypt forest
  • walk brings you out to large granite outcrops/boulders/rocks where the creek and Utopia Falls flows through.
  • depending on time of year, ie after rain or not will determine the amount of flow of the falls
  • many different pools around the falls to explore and swim in

Mount Walsh

  • large rock that overshadows Biggenden
  • carpark and picnic area at the base of the rock
  • walk to the top of the bluff for impressive views of the area/surrounds


  • cute little town with friendly locals
  • stunning Art Deco buildings in the town

Coongarra Rock and Falls

  • 4WD only access track
  • steep sections that would be hazardous after rain
  • short walk to the top of the falls

Coalstoun Lakes

  • remnant crater lakes
  • ideal for bird watching
  • unfortunately dry at the time of my visit
  • steep climb

Chowey Bridge

  • Queensland's first long span concrete rail bridge
  • built in 1905

Mingo Crossing

  • campground/caravan park on the banks of the Burnett River
  • beautiful spot to spend a couple of days (or more)
  • great place to base yourself for exploring the North Burnett
  • fishing/boating/canoeing/kayaking straight from your campsite
  • boat ramp for larger vessels
  • dog friendly
  • friendly campground hosts

Mount Perry

  • small country town
  • self-guided heritage trail around town


  • orange capital of QLD
  • one of the oldest towns in QLD
  • recreation areas on the river. Skiing, fishing, picnics etc
  • historical railway station and rail bridges in the area
  • Archer's Lookout and McConnell Lookout provide views over the city and the Burnett River
  • oldest racecourse in QLD
  • Art Deco buildings


  • citrus growing region and citrus capital of Queensland
  • Bi-Centennial Park on the river.Picnic areas/bbq's etc
  • beautiful Art Deco buildings
  • recently completed recreation area on the Burnett River just out of town


  • home of the RM Williams Bush Learning Centre
  • can camp at the RM Williams Centre.Has electric bbq's, tables, chairs, firepit etc
  • light show at the centre after dark
  • recreation area down by the river at the weir
  • Wuruma Dam just out of town caters for fishing/camping/boating etc etc


  • home of the Mulgildie Bunyip


  • impressive Art Deco buildings
  • Town Hall is an absolute treasure
  • gateway to Cania Dam and Cania Gorge National Park
  • Mungungo Pub just out of town is a classic Aussie country pub

This blog post was written by Matt Williams, who was a guest of the Southern Great Barrier Reef.

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