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Secrets and Selfie Spots the Bundaberg Locals Love

They say if you really want to know a place, ask a local. And that’s precisely what we’ve done. From the best vantage point from which to shoot a selfie, to a hidden secret spot where you might discover a thing or two, here’s some insightful “insider” tips to consider when planning your trip to Bundaberg North Burnett.

  • There’s plenty of great beaches in Bundaberg North Burnett but if you are looking for a spot of surf and a great place from which to take a selfie, head to Oaks Beach at Burnett Heads. Afterwards, enjoy fresh seafood straight off the fishing boats.
  • It’s no secret that Mon Repos is best known for its turtle spotting tours under strict supervision by National Parks employees and volunteers. But what many people don’t know is that the earlier you book your encounter actually determines whether you are placed in the first group to enter the beach when the turtles arrive to lay or hatch their eggs.
  • If you wish to capture pristine beaches and striking black rock formations for your Instagram account, drive along Woongarra Scenic Drive at Bargara. If people watching is more your thing, stroll along the Bargara Esplanade around sunset when it comes alive with all manners of walkers, runners and bike riders.
  • Innes Park is also home to these black rock formations and you can also capture some cool headlands and the coastline of the Coral Coast. Underwater photographers love the fringing reef here. Meanwhile locals head to the Coral Coast Golf Club where they can tee off right next to the ocean.
  • At low tide at Elliot Heads, you can walk out to nearby Dr May’s island but locals know to keep an eye on the tides, or you will become stranded. The island is closed for periods of the year as it’s an important nesting location for beach-stone curlew, little terns, pied and sooty oystercatchers.
  • Wanting to capture Woodgate in its best light? Try the boat ramp, opposite the hotel at the north of the township and you will be afforded with sweeping views of the blue water, white sand and she oak trees. Head to Theodolite Creek here to fish, boat and swim with the locals.
  • Bundaberg’s only hill, The Hummock, is an ideal location for a selfie spot at any time of the day as it has 360 degree views which allow you to catch either sunrise or sunset (or any time in between) framed by the rich reds and emerald greens of the region below.
  • This is such a secret that some of the locals don’t even know about it. At the big Port roundabout out of Bundaberg and heading towards Bargara, there is the motif of a turtle embedded into the centre island. Best captured via drone or from the air, blink and you’ll miss it.
  • At Alexandra Park Zoo, a cool quiet spot with giant shady trees, each day the zoo keepers take the resident dingoes on a daily dingo walk. These two brother and sister dingoes were born in captivity. Now four years old, they spend the night in their den but once let out in the morning, they become lively and active.
  • Want to know if you’re buying local flowers? Check the label. Locally-grown roses such as Bundy Roses’ beautiful blooms are required by law to have their sticker on them. Those that are imported, and die more quickly, are not required to have any labeling. Bundy Roses has been operating for more than 30 years and sells its roses between Rockhampton and Brisbane, and Bundy, of course.
  • Bundaberg North Burnett is home to some really cool street art. Pick up a brochure at Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery and check out some of the installations around the region. Riverside Parklands is home to some slick sculptures and on certain Bundaberg street corners you’ll find painted traffic signal boxes. Look down at Childers, as it’s on the pavement where you’ll find a series of mosaic panels.
  • There’s plenty of old style Europe influence in the food and wine scene here. Almost every butcher likes to smoke their meat in the traditional German style (if you love bacon, you’re adore what they are doing here) while the wine makers defer to the old world Italian styles of making wines, without preservatives.
  • Ever loved a drink so much you wished you could bathe in it? Well visit Bundaberg’s newest brewer, Kalki Moon Distillery, where they are using the by-products of their popular gin and transforming it into a gin soap.

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